The students, faculty and staff at the CBC Art Center are returning to normal as we all continue to offer our programs, plays and events to you, our community, for your enjoyment. This April brings a number of choices for your consideration. Please visit for up-to-date information and details on all current and upcoming events.

Esvelt Gallery

May 4-5, brings The Philosophy of Carbon presented by Cozette Phillips. There will be an artist lecture, in-person, on May 5. In this exhibition, Phillips presents examples of their research and art practice as contributions to the developing era of modern ecological consciousness. In their creative process, Phillips interprets natural forms through an investigation of complex material relationships.

Lecture Series

The Richland Public Library will host Joe Seamons and Ben Hunter in a presentation titled Redefining Protest through Music on the 21st at 7PM. Acts of protest tap into layers of our heritage and identity that strengthen the foundations of what we are fighting for. Using roots music as a lens, the presenters, draw on stories, songs, and the people behind protest movements from around the world, connecting them with layered conceptions of heritage.