Learn to Cook Thai Cuisine at Summer’s Hub

Embark on a culinary journey at Summer’s Hub in Kennewick with Mezzo Thai’s upcoming cooking classes, guided by the seasoned expertise of Chef Jacqui Wright.

Elevate your kitchen skills and tantalize your taste buds in a fun and interactive environment. From the Rice Dish Class on Dec. 12, where you’ll delve into the art of crafting delectable rice dishes from scratch, to the Thai Curry Class on Dec. 19, where the aromatic allure of Thai curries will warm up your winter, these classes offer a chance to master the art of creating sumptuous dishes.

On Jan. 9, beat the winter chill in the Noodle Class by enjoying a comforting bowl of noodle soup and mastering the basics of noodle stir-frying, adding warmth and flavor to your culinary repertoire.

Cap off your culinary exploration on Jan. 16 with the Snack Class, uncovering the secrets of Thai snacking simplicity and elevating your snack game with crispy pork toast and steamed Thai sumai.

Don’t miss this opportunity to sharpen your culinary prowess. Sign up for the Hub’s cooking classes now and transform your kitchen adventures into unforgettable culinary experiences!
Register using the QR code in the Mezzo Thai ad in this issue, or visit eventbrite.com and click on “Food & Drink.”