For more than 30 years, the Entertainer Newspaper has published information about entertaining things to do in the Mid-Columbia region. Now, a new and exciting phase in the life of your favorite entertainment publication has begun in collaboration with Tidbits franchises in the Mid-Columbia and Blue Mountain regions.

Included for free with the first weekly issue of Tidbits each month, the Entertainer is more readily available and reaches more readers than ever before. It is the “bible” of the region’s entertainment news, with more than 19,000 copies distributed to 600 locations in the Tri-Cities, Benton City, Burbank, Prosser, Walla Walla, Dayton, Umatilla, Hermiston, Pendleton and other cities and towns in eastern Washington and northeastern Washington.​

The Entertainer is often read by every member of the family. And, instead of being tossed out with the daily newspaper, each monthly issue is generally kept in the home as families plan the month’s entertainment. The comprehensive Calendar of Events section is a valuable guide, and readers are also drawn to the ads because they’re looking for fun things to do.

For advertisers who are promoting an event, the Entertainer is a must. In the age of information overload, advertising must be carefully focused. The Entertainer specifically targets readers who want to be informed about plays, nightlife, concerts, festivals, fairs, parades, fundraisers and other events and celebrations. They learn about new restaurants, live music, sporting events and so much more.

Don’t miss out! Get the Entertainer wherever you pick up your copy of Tidbits. And include it in your advertising budget for your next event.


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